Best Badminton Racket 2016

Who said that Badminton and luxury cannot mix? The Yonex Nanoray Badminton Racquet shatters such misconceptions. Coming in a distinct color specification that is ‘Champagne’, luxury can be said to have finally graced the noble sport that is Badminton.


The Benefits


Luxury will always be a unifying aspect in human society and this racquet has been able to do that in the right way. Are there any others reasons that may persuade you to buy this racquet? Please read on.


  1. Versatility

One impeding feature of most badminton racquets is the inability to use both indoor and outdoor birdies on the same racquet. This racquet, however, has been built to be used on equal footing with both indoor and outdoor birdies. Yonex has definitely taken the concept of universal equality to heart.


  1. Nano-Mesh

Equipped with cutting edge Nano-Mesh technology, this product has been able to improve aerodynamics while playing. Increased maneuverability has become the result. This acts as a great boost to gameplay for both the amateur and intermediate badminton player.


  1. Light

Weighing in at around 80 to 94.9 Grams, this racquet has the added advantage of being generally light when compared to its competition. This has resulted in fewer injuries among amateur and intermediate users. This is because players in these levels usually haven’t mastered the correct form for playing the game. The outcome has always been injuries to their striking arms when using normal racquets of considerable weight.


  1. Durability

This racquet is made from industry grade graphite. The advantage of this material is being not only light, but also strong. This means that it will take a considerable amount of force and stress to cause any lasting damage to the product. This is a key feature for young players (children) who tend to end up breaking conventional racquets.


  1. Half Case

A case for your badminton racquet is considered to be a worthwhile investment. With this in mind, the creators of this racquet strategically included a half case/bag with each order of their product.



To better make an informed decision, you must first consider both sides of the coin. This helps ensure that you make the best buying decision for you.


  1. Tension Options

This racquet comes pre-strung. In spite of this being an advantage when it comes to buying a racquet, the tension of the racquet is generally standardized at the production stage. Yonex does not offer buyers any options for the tension levels that they would desire to have on the pre-strung racquet.


Not all players are comfortable using a uniform tension racquet. You will need to learn how to string up a racquet to overcome this disadvantage.


  1. Inadequate For Professionals

Similar to other sports, Badminton has professional players. These players require specialized racquets for their training and games. This racquet targets amateur to intermediate players. It has minimal to no advantages for pros in terms of developing skill.



The Yonex Nanoray Badminton Racquet stands above board among its competition. Its development and production processes have taken into great consideration the needs of the target users – amateurs and intermediate players. Purchase this racquet to experienced game-play with a generous serving of luxury courtesy of its Champagne colour.

What are the rules of Badminton?

Any singles complement inside badminton characteristics 1 participant on every single facet in the web. You’re going to get much more of any cardiovascular work out in a singles activity in comparison with in a activity of greatly improves, when you are responsible for your entire facet of your respective courtroom. The actual Badminton Entire world Federation, within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, produces as well as on a regular basis changes the particular conventional Regulations of Badminton, that govern all standard international competitions.

Any badminton complement has a finest two-out-of-three activity line. The actual BWF involves gamers to get a game with a perimeter of 2 items. Play every single activity to twenty one items except, with out a two-point perimeter, the particular score reaches 29-all. At 29-all you require a one-point perimeter, significance the 1st participant to arrive at 30 items is the winner.

badminton rules badminton players

The actual program line for a singles activity is the back type of the particular courtroom. The actual work — not to ever be implemented until finally each gamers indicate they’re ready — must be underhanded as well as accomplished driving the particular program line. In singles, a player serves from your correct program courtroom diagonally above the web to his or her opponent’s correct program courtroom in the event the server includes a score of actually zero as well as a fair range. If your server possesses scored the strange volume of items, the lady serves via the girl quit program courtroom straight into the girl opponent’s quit program courtroom.

During a rally, a player can certainly attack the particular taxi via any place on his or her facet in the web. The actual singles sidelines indicate your quit as well as correct boundary. The actual singles wrinkles usually are 20 ins nearer to the center of the particular courtroom compared to greatly improves wrinkles. Any rally stops in the event the taxi highlites the particular participating in floor inside bounds or perhaps a problem is actually dedicated. Concerning video games as well as as soon as the primary participant lots 11 items inside the finally activity, transform stops with your foe.

If your server is the winner the particular rally, he / she lots a place, maintains the particular work as well as goes on the switch program courtroom to work yet again. If your receiver is the winner the particular rally, the lady gets the particular work, although may well as well as may not obtain a place according to the set of rules utilized. In standard BWF perform, the particular receiver lots items. Nevertheless, inside classic-rules badminton, used with a few college fun software programs, only the particular server can certainly acquire items.

In standard BWF video games, mistakes create a place for ones foe so you need to submit the particular work. Nudists with, although lost, the particular taxi within the work is a problem; while is actually hitting the particular taxi so it moves directly below, as an alternative to in excess of, online. It’s also possible to get a problem once you attack the particular taxi from bounds as well as intended for touching the particular taxi with your physique as well as outfits.