Nando’s Chicken Review


Who doesn’t love Nando’s? Does such a person exist? An extensive range of juicy chicken available to those who present their cash at the counter. The staff ask which level of spicy goodness you desire and 20 minutes later, you have some seriously succulent chicken.

Let’s get to the good stuff

What I love about Nando’s, possibly even more than the chicken is the sauces available. The might Peri-Peri sauce that made Nando’s so famous is to die for. Although, I do prefer the Lemon and Herb sauce personally. It’s a climatic mix of garlic and tangy lemon. It’s gentle but delicious. I honestly love to meteor my chips in that lovely, yellow sauce.

Nando’s have two cards available. The standard club card and the legendary, Nandos Black Card. The standard card operates as a simple reward system. Each time you make a purchase of £8 and above, you’re rewarded with a glorious chili. Once you obtain certain amounts of those chili’s (points) you can collect some free chicken. The black card will not be discussed…

The Badnandos4

There isn’t anything to moan really. I love the place and the staff. I’ve had a few encounters with dry butterfly chicken but apart from that, I’m certainly impressed.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely. Where else can I spend my weekend nights for £12?! (I could make some friends, I guess..).

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